Agree with vegetarian good for digestive system

Please read following article.

My Decision to Become Vegetarian –

Throughout the course of my life, I’ve always been back and forth about becoming a vegetarian. My family discouraged it growing up because they thought I wouldn’t get the nutrition I would need to be healthy. Now that I’m older and have done my research, it is actually shown that a vegetarian is even more healthy than someone who eats meat (generally). This is because as a vegetarian your digestive system works faster, you’re more mindful about what you’re putting into your body, and the hormones that are given to meat nowadays are harsh on a human body. There have been studies that have shown that vegetarians live a longer, healthier life than carnivores.

As a vegetarian, I obviously don’t eat meat. However, I also don’t consume milk. I limit my consumption of cheese and eggs. I’m mindful of how things are made; if it’s made of leather, fur, or tests on animals.

It was hard to transition to a vegetarian at first because I LOVED the taste of meat. Then I realized that the reasoning of why I wasn’t a vegetarian was just plain selfish. Why should I harm or even kill an animal just for a moment of satisfaction on my tastebuds? Next time you eat meat please consider the effect of it. In most cases, you are not the person killing the animal. Someone out there is, though! There is a separation of people and their food nowadays which allows people to lose sight of the effects of their choices. Please just take a moment to think of where your food comes from at your next meal.

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