Future in your chopsticks❄The Dōngzhì Festival / Winter Solstice Festival ❄⛄

The Dongzhi Festival, I am so happy today my husband who is meat lover went to vegetarian Dongzhi dinner with me.    Traditional Chinese Festival used to have a luxury and heavy dishes.   It is a good culture that family dinner together with good foods.

The good foods is not only the luxury dishes but also Seasonal and Natural vegetable and grain.

“Home eat to live” is one of my favourite vegetarian restaurant.   I love their taste of dishes, home made sauce (should be), especially the raw cake…..every time I come here.   I must get one.    I just love it taste.

As I know, The chef is come from America who like to use locals and Natural ingredients.

I am appreciate that chef selected the natural ingredients and if we support the right thing, right foods.   The society will be more beautiful.    All lay on supply and demand.   Trust me, the future in our chopsticks.

My husband asked me why you looks so happy after dinner…..haha💖

I told him please buy this shop Birthday cake for my birthday, I don’t need big Brand patisserie🎂  😱😱

Wish all of you healthy and peaceful🎀


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