Do shopping with my Japanese cookery class + Japanese Restaurant

A great day do shopping with my Japanese Cookery Class.

Cooking is not only someone prepare foods for you and then you just do the processing of cooking and leave all the thing to someone do a dishes.

Cooking is understand yourself, seasonal, food ingredients, where to shop, how to cook, how to decorate and how to eat, how to life and how to return to earth.(Haha.. ..maybe)

就著你們的要求@YMCA, 帶著我去一次shopping,了解 什麼是 健康的日本食材 及 enjoy 日本廚師在香港 的日本家庭料理 日本料理有和食及洋食。    烹飪 就是了解自己,了解季節, 了解食材 質特性 如何選擇食材 如何選擇不同材料不同的烹飪方法 如何做裝飾 如何生活 如何將廚餘回歸自然:) 清潔有時間用的一部分 真正跟食物溝通就是從過程中享受 感受得來的😜

What we eat???

It is all those Japanese Dishes for you guys :>.   Feel the real Japanese taste.   Learn dishes from outside and cooking in your kitchen.   What we need to learn is what’s the real taste.   When you know how to cook and how to using a right ingredients then you will find a real taste.😋

當你知道如何烹飪嘅時候 亦懂得使用真正食材醬料 你就會知道什麼是食物真正的味道。 很多時候我們需要出外 學習別人的 烹飪, 給我們一點idea.   回家,就試著做, 這樣你會感受更深 學習得更深入💪

Where can we get Japanese Ingredients
@Shopping with YMCA members in Hong Kong.


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